CHEBI:33937 - macronutrient

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This is a preliminary entry. If you would like more information added to this entry, please contact ChEBI via email or GitHub.
ChEBI Name macronutrient
Stars This entity has not been annotated and is a preliminary ChEBI entity.
Members Of macronutrient Class
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carbon atom Mass : 12.01070
Formula : C
hydrogen atom Mass : 1.00794
Formula : H
nitrogen atom Mass : 14.007
Formula : N
oxygen atom Mass : 15.99940
Formula : O
phosphorus atom Mass : 30.97376
Formula : P
sulfur atom Mass : 32.06600
Formula : S
potassium atom Mass : 39.09830
Formula : K
calcium atom Mass : 40.07800
Formula : Ca
magnesium atom Mass : 24.30500
Formula : Mg
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