CHEBI:25512 - neurotransmitter

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ChEBI Name neurotransmitter
Definition An endogenous compound that is used to transmit information across the synapse between a neuron and another cell.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Members Of neurotransmitter Class
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pterostilbene Mass : 256.29640
Formula : C16H16O3
beta-endorphin Mass : 3463.01300
Formula : C158H253N41O44S
carbon monoxide Mass : 28.01010
Formula : CO
tyraminium Mass : 138.18700
Formula : C8H12NO
nitric oxide Mass : 30.00614
Formula : NO
L-aspartic acid Mass : 133.10270
Formula : C4H7NO4 C4H7NO4
L-glutamic acid Mass : 147.12930
Formula : C5H9NO4
glycine Mass : 75.06664
Formula : C2H5NO2
(R)-noradrenaline Mass : 169.17780
Formula : C8H11NO3
beta-alanine Mass : 89.09322
Formula : C3H7NO2
gamma-aminobutyric acid Mass : 103.11980
Formula : C4H9NO2
tyramine Mass : 137.17900
Formula : C8H11NO
5-hydroxytryptophan Mass : 220.22466
Formula : C11H12N2O3
acetylcholine Mass : 146.20748
Formula : C7H16NO2
histamine Mass : 111.14518
Formula : C5H9N3
serotonin Mass : 176.215
Formula : C10H12N2O
corticotropin-releasing hormone
Definition : A family of peptide hormones derived from a 191-membered prehormone, secreted by the paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus in response to stress. The first full sequence was discovered in sheep, those in rats and humans differ from the ovine sequence by 7 amino acids.
anandamide Mass : 347.536
Formula : C22H37NO2
octopamine Mass : 153.17848
Formula : C8H11NO2
choline Mass : 104.17080
Formula : C5H14NO
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