CHEBI:15022 - electron donor

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ChEBI Name electron donor
Definition A molecular entity that can transfer an electron to another molecular entity.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Members Of electron donor Class
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menaquinol-7 Mass : 651.01500
Formula : C46H66O2
menaquinol-8 Mass : 719.13210
Formula : C51H74O2
dihydrogen Mass : 2.01588
Formula : H2
menaquinol-10 Mass : 855.36610
Formula : C61H90O2
menaquinol-11 Mass : 923.48310
Formula : C66H98O2
menaquinol-12 Mass : 991.60010
Formula : C71H106O2
menaquinol-6 Mass : 582.89800
Formula : C41H58O2
pyrimidin-2-ol Mass : 96.08740
Formula : C4H4N2O
menaquinol-9 Mass : 787.24910
Formula : C56H82O2
menaquinol-13 Mass : 1059.71720
Formula : C76H114O2
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