CHEBI:23530 - cytokinin

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ChEBI Name cytokinin
Definition A phytohormone that promote cell division, or cytokinesis, in plant roots and shoots.
Stars This entity has been manually annotated by the ChEBI Team.
Members Of cytokinin Class
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9-(alpha-D-glucosyl)dihydrozeatin Mass : 383.39960
Formula : C16H25N5O6
9-ribosyl-trans-zeatin Mass : 351.35770
Formula : C15H21N5O5
9-ribosylzeatin Mass : 351.35770
Formula : C15H21N5O5
9-ribosyl-cis-zeatin Mass : 351.35770
Formula : C15H21N5O5
N-benzyl-9-(alpha-D-glucosyl)adenine Mass : 387.38980
Formula : C18H21N5O5
1,3-diphenylurea Mass : 212.248
Formula : C13H12N2O
N(6)-isopentenyladenosine Mass : 335.35830
Formula : C15H21N5O4
N-benzyladenine Mass : 225.24944
Formula : C12H11N5
N(6)-dimethylallyladenine Mass : 203.24370
Formula : C10H13N5
9-(alpha-D-glucosyl)kinetin Mass : 377.35200
Formula : C16H19N5O6
zeatin Mass : 219.24332
Formula : C10H13N5O
dihydrozeatin Mass : 221.25900
Formula : C10H15N5O
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