Nuclear genome of Diplonema papillatum

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Type Value
External Id SAMN30986590
INSDC center name Universite de Montreal
INSDC first public 2023-03-03T00:00:00Z
INSDC last update 2023-03-03T08:42:01.923Z
INSDC secondary accession SRS15265963
INSDC status live
NCBI submission model
NCBI submission model MIGS/MIMS/MIMARKS.water
NCBI submission package
SRA accession SRS15265963
collection_date 1985
depth 0-2m
description Keywords: GSC:MIxS;MIGS:6.0
ecotype Porter
env_broad_scale marine
env_local_scale seawater on the surface of eel grass (Zostera marina)
env_medium water
geo_loc_name USA
lat_lon 43.654024 N 71.354697 W
organism Diplonema papillatum
title MIGS Eukaryotic sample from Diplonema papillatum

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Submitted on 2022-09-23
Released on 2023-03-03
Last reviewed 2023-05-20
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