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Type Value
External Id SAMN16516521
INSDC center name Brigham Young University
INSDC first public 2021-08-23T00:00:00Z
INSDC last update 2021-08-23T22:09:02.302Z
INSDC secondary accession SRS7695764
INSDC status live
NCBI submission model
NCBI submission package
SRA accession SRS7695764
collection date 2019-04
description Fin tissue from the Caranx ignobilis individual collected off Moloka'i in Apr 2019
env_broad_scale ocean biome [ENVO_01000048]|tropical biome [ENVO_01001830]|tropical marine coral reef biome [ENVO_01000854]|neritic epipelagic zone biome [ENVO_01000042]
env_local_scale marine sub-littoral zone [ENVO_01000126]|marine neritic zone [ENVO_00000206]|marine coral reef deep fore reef [ENVO_01000149]|marine coral reef fore reef [ENVO_01000147]|marine coral reef crest [ENVO_01000146]
env_medium saline water [ENVO_00002010]|sea water [ENVO_00002149]|sea sand [ENVO_00002118]
geo loc name Pacific Ocean: just outside reef <1km offshore of Moloka'i near Kaunakakai, Hawai'i, USA in 3-9m of water
isolate HI-2019
lat lon not collected
organism Caranx ignobilis
sample number 1
tissue Fin
title Caranx ignobilis Fin

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Submitted on 2020-10-22
Released on 2021-08-23
Last reviewed 2022-04-01
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