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External Id SAMN00149621
INSDC center name DOE JGI
INSDC first public 2011-02-08T18:29:46.487Z
INSDC last update 2014-03-28T17:15:45.537Z
INSDC secondary accession SRS150404
INSDC status live
NCBI submission model Generic
NCBI submission package Generic.1.0
SRA accession SRS150404
description High molecular weight DNA extracted from the post-incubated switchgrass adherent rumen microbiome was used as a template for three different sequencing libraries. Two whole genome shotgun sequencing libraries with insert size 200 bp and 300 bp were independently generated from DNA, followed by high-throughput sequencing from both ends, one by 2x125bp using Illumina GAIIx and one by 2x100bp using Illumina HiSeq2000 instruments. Two additional libraries were built with insert sizes of 3kb and 5kb respectively to facilitate genome assembly. Both of these two “jumping” libraries were sequenced using Illumina GAIIx by 2x75bp pair-end sequencing.
organism bovine gut metagenome
title Metagenomic DNA from Switch grass fiber attached community in cow rumen, 72 hour post incubation

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Submitted on 2010-12-17
Released on 2011-02-08
Last reviewed 2022-03-28
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