Type Value
cell type induced pluripotent stem cell
disease state Hypoplastic left heart syndrome
donor id SAMEA8944463
material cell line
organism Homo sapiens
phenotype The disease-associated phenotype of HLHS includes a hypoplastic left ventricle, a hypoplastic aorta, as well as impairment of the mitral and aortic valve. The patient from whom the iPS line was generated had an atretic mitral and an atretic aortic valve. There was no ventricular septal defect.
sex female
synonym HLHS_606
title Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Line DHMi002-A


German Heart Center Munich
Role Contact institution / working group
German Heart Center Munich
Role Generator


Source Type Target
SAMEA8944462 derived from SAMEA8944463

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Submitted on 2021-05-17
Released on 2021-05-14
Last reviewed 2021-05-20