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INSDC center alias The Babraham Institute
INSDC center name The Babraham Institute
INSDC first public 2013-07-05T17:00:43Z
INSDC last update 2018-03-08T16:37:00Z
INSDC status public
Organism Mus musculus
SRA accession ERS323162
alias E-MTAB-1754:ES (E14)
broker name ArrayExpress
cell type embryonic stem cell
description Protocols: ES, TS, XEN, and EpiSC stem cell lines were cultured under standard conditions (see Supporting Information in the publication). Cell lines used were: ES, lines J1, E14, KH2, and PGK12.1 (a kind gift of Prof. N. Brockdorff, University of Oxford, U.K.); EpiSC, lines #5 and #9 (both a kind gift of Dr. P. Tesar, Case Western Reserve University, OH) and line PRG (a kind gift of Dr. P. Rugg-Gunn, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge, U.K.); TS, lines Rs26, GFP, and B6 (kind gifts of Dr. J. Rossant, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Canada and Dr. A. Erlebacher, NY University School of Medicine, New York, USA); and XEN, lines IM8A1 (Dr. J. Rossant), #16, and E4 (Dr. P. Rugg-Gunn). DNA was extracted using a standard phenol choroform procedure. MeDIP-Seq was carried out as described previously [21]. Briefly, purified genomic DNA was sonicated to yield 150-600 bp fragments, and adaptors for paired-end sequencing (Illumina, San Diego, CA, USA, were ligated using NEB Next DNA Sample Prep Reagent Set 1 (New England Biolabs Hitchin, UK, Immunoprecipitations (IPs) were carried out in triplicate using 500 ng DNA per sample, 1.25ug anti-5-methylcytosine (anti-5mC) antibody (Eurogentec, Southhampton, UK,, and 10 ul Dynabeads coupled with M-280 sheep anti-mouse IgG (Invitrogen, Carlsbad, CA, The three IPs were pooled and amplified for 12 cycles with adapter specific primers, run on a 1% agarose gel, and fragments ranging between 300 and 500 bp in size were cut out and purified using the Gel Elution Kit (Qiagen, Crawley, UK, before cluster generation and sequencing.
karyotype XY
organism Mus musculus
specimen with known storage state fresh specimen
synonym E-MTAB-1754:ES (E14)
title ES (E14)


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SAMEG163038 has member SAMEA2155660

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