The BioModels currently supports models in the following formats by default: PharmML, MDL COMBINE archive and SBML.

When a model encoded in a format supported by the repository is submitted, the format is automatically detected. Where the format detection fails, the model is stored in the repository with an 'unknown format' categorisation. Custom validation for each format is then performed, although it is still possible to submit the models that fail validation. The model display is also customisable according to the model format. For more, please see the model display page.

The table below summarises the formats currently supported for the main file of a submission.

Format Version
PharmML ≤ 0.6.1
MDL ≤ 7.0
Combine Archive 0.1
SBML Level 1 (Versions 1 and 2), Level 2 (Versions 1-5), Level 3 (Version 1)