Planned upgrades to BioModels

The beta version of BioModels (currently hosted at will be available from Although some internal links used to load static content such as images or stylesheets in classic BioModels ( will move, we expect this to be transparent to users. Access to the models, the Model of the Month entries or our documentation pages will be unaffected. These changes will come into effect Monday, 25 June at 1pm GMT.

A redirection from to will be in operation for 30 days to allow users to update their bookmarks. Models should be submitted to The development instance of BioModels will continue to see new features and general improvements before being rolled out to the main site.

The BioModels US mirror hosted by the California Institute of Technology ( will be updated on Monday, 2 July between 8am and 10am GMT. During this maintenance period the mirror will be offline and all requests will be redirected to the EBI instance of BioModels.

These changes are part of a wider plan to retire the classic BioModels website and associated web services soon after HARMONY 2019 ( Join us at HARMONY 2018 ( to learn more about the new ways of accessing BioModels content programmatically.

We are grateful to the community for the feedback received during the beta stage. We continue to welcome your suggestions using the feedback button on our new website, or by emailing


25 June 2018, 1pm GMT The new BioModels website graduates from beta; a temporary redirection from to will be in operation;
2 July 2018, 8am – 10am GMT The website and content of the BioModels Caltech mirror will be updated.
24 July 2018, 1pm GMT The temporary redirection from wwwdev is removed.
31 May 2019 The classic BioModels website and the SOAP-based web services will be retired.