Pokhilko1998 - Intrinsic Activation Kinetics (Dimensional Model)

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Mathematical model of intrinsic pathway activation consisting of XIIa, kallikrein and HMWKa.
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  • Contact Activation of Blood Coagulation: Trigger Properties and Hysteresis Hypothesis: Kinetic Recognition of Foreign Surfaces upon Contact Activation of Blood Coagulation: A Hypothesis
  • Pokhilko, A.V., Ataullakhanov, F.I.
  • Journal of Theoretical Biology , 3/ 1998 , Volume 191 , Issue 2 , pages: 213-219 , DOI: 10.1006/jtbi.1997.0584
  • National Research Center for Hematology, Novozykovskij pr. 4a, 125167, Moscow, Russia
  • A mathematical model of contact activation of blood coagulation was developed and analysed. The model variables are concentrations of factor XIIa, kallikrein and activated high-molecular-weight kininogen. Concentrations of active factors were shown to depend on the activating signal value in a hysteretic manner. Within a range of relatively small signals, two (activated and non-activated) stable states coexist (bistability). Signals of the natural environment (surfaces of endothelial and blood cells) seem to be in the range of bistability; therefore, contact activation that persists for a short time can induce a transition of the system to the activated state, and, correspondingly, the formation of a clot. The system cannot return to the initial state, which is characterized by low activation levels, until the activating signals decrease significantly below those present in the circulation.
Submitter of the first revision: Matthew Roberts
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Modellers: Matthew Roberts

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