Potassium balance in lactating and non-lactating dairy cows

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  • A dynamic model to simulate potassium balance in dairy cows.
  • Berg M, Plöntzke J, Leonhard-Marek S, Müller KE, Röblitz S
  • Journal of dairy science , 12/ 2017 , Volume 100 , Issue 12 , pages: 9799-9814
  • Zuse Institute Berlin, Berlin 14195, Germany.
  • High-performing dairy cows require a particular composition of nutritional ingredients, adapted to their individual requirements and depending on their production status. The optimal dimensioning of minerals in the diet, one being potassium, is indispensable for the prevention of imbalances. Potassium balance in cows is the result of potassium intake, distribution in the organism, and excretion, and it is closely related to glucose and electrolyte metabolism. In this paper, we present a dynamical model for potassium balance in lactating and nonlactating dairy cows based on ordinary differential equations. Parameter values were obtained from clinical trial data and from the literature. To verify the consistency of the model, we present simulation outcomes for 3 different scenarios: potassium balance in (1) nonlactating cows with varying feed intake, (2) nonlactating cows with varying potassium fraction in the diet, and (3) lactating cows with varying milk production levels. The results give insights into the short- and long-term potassium metabolism, providing an important step toward the understanding of the potassium network, the design of prophylactic feed additives, and possible treatment strategies.
Julia Plöntzke

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