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Related Publication
  • Analysis of the activated partial thromboplastin time test using mathematical modeling.
  • Kogan AE, Kardakov DV, Khanin MA
  • Thrombosis research , 2/ 2001 , Volume 101 , pages: 299-310
  • Biological Faculty, Department of Biochemistry, Room 129, Moscow State University, 119899, Moscow, Russia. al.kogan@mtu-net.ru
  • Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) is a laboratory test for the diagnosis of blood coagulation disorders. The test consists of two stages: The first one is the preincubation of a plasma sample with negatively charged materials (kaolin, ellagic acid etc.) to activate factors XII and XI; the second stage begins after the addition of calcium ions that triggers a chain of calcium-dependent enzymatic reactions resulting in fibrinogen clotting. Mathematical modeling was used for the analysis of the APTT test. The process of coagulation was described by a set of coupled differential equations that were solved by the numerical method. It was found that as little as 2.3 x 10(-9) microM of factor XIIa (1/10000 of its plasma concentration) is enough to cause the complete activation of factor XII and prekallikrein (PK) during the first 20 s of the preincubation phase. By the end of this phase, kallikrein (K) is completely inhibited, residual activity of factor XIIa is 54%, and factor XI is activated by 26%. Once a clot is formed, factor II is activated by 4%, factor X by 5%, factor IX by 90%, and factor XI by 39%. Calculated clotting time using protein concentrations found in the blood of healthy people was 40.5 s. The most pronounced prolongation of APTT is caused by a decrease in factor X concentration.
Michael Schubert

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BioModels Database MODEL1109160001
PubMed 11248291
Mathematical Modelling Ontology Ordinary differential equation model
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