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This model is according to the paper A systems biology dynamical model of mammalian G1 cell cycle progression. Supplementary Figure 2A has been reproduced by the MathSBML and CellDesigner. All the data of this model are from the set 2 of Supplementary talbe2.

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Related Publication
  • A systems biology dynamical model of mammalian G1 cell cycle progression.
  • Haberichter T, Mädge B, Christopher RA, Yoshioka N, Dhiman A, Miller R, Gendelman R, Aksenov SV, Khalil IG, Dowdy SF
  • Molecular Systems Biology , 0/ 2007 , Volume 3 , pages: 84 , PubMed ID: 17299420
  • Gene Network Sciences Inc., Cambridge, MA 02141, USA.
  • The current dogma of G(1) cell-cycle progression relies on growth factor-induced increase of cyclin D:Cdk4/6 complex activity to partially inactivate pRb by phosphorylation and to sequester p27(Kip1)-triggering activation of cyclin E:Cdk2 complexes that further inactivate pRb. pRb oscillates between an active, hypophosphorylated form associated with E2F transcription factors in early G(1) phase and an inactive, hyperphosphorylated form in late G(1), S and G(2)/M phases. However, under constant growth factor stimulation, cells show constitutively active cyclin D:Cdk4/6 throughout the cell cycle and thereby exclude cyclin D:Cdk4/6 inactivation of pRb. To address this paradox, we developed a mathematical model of G(1) progression using physiological expression and activity profiles from synchronized cells exposed to constant growth factors and included a metabolically responsive, activating modifier of cyclin E:Cdk2. Our mathematical model accurately simulates G(1) progression, recapitulates observations from targeted gene deletion studies and serves as a foundation for development of therapeutics targeting G(1) cell-cycle progression.
Enuo He

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BioModels Database MODEL3734058719
BioModels Database BIOMD0000000109
PubMed 17299420
Taxonomy Mammalia
Gene Ontology G1 phase

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  • Model originally submitted by : Enuo He
  • Submitted: 17-Apr-2007 22:11:32
  • Last Modified: 05-Jul-2012 15:49:20
  • Version: 2 public model Download this version
    • Submitted on: 05-Jul-2012 15:49:20
    • Submitted by: Enuo He
    • With comment: Current version of Haberichter2007_cellcycle
  • Version: 1 public model Download this version
    • Submitted on: 17-Apr-2007 22:11:32
    • Submitted by: Enuo He
    • With comment: Original import of BIOMD0000000109.xml.origin

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: Variable used inside SBML models

Reactions Rate Parameters
APCCYEmi1 => APCC kdYEmi1*APCCYEmi1*X kdYEmi1 = 0.018158
CyclinA + APCC => APCCYCyclinAYInt X*kbYAPCCYYCyclinA*CyclinA*APCC kbYAPCCYYCyclinA = 1.61E-5
APCCYCyclinAYInt => CyclinA + APCC X*kuYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCyclinAYInt kuYAPCCYYCyclinA = 0.1
Cdk2Y002 + APCC => APCCYCdk2Y000YCdk2Y002YInt X*kbYAPCCYYCyclinA*Cdk2Y002*APCC kbYAPCCYYCyclinA = 1.61E-5
APCCYCdk2Y000YCdk2Y002YInt => Cdk2Y002 + APCC X*kuYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCdk2Y000YCdk2Y002YInt kuYAPCCYYCyclinA = 0.1
APCCYCdk2Y000YCdk2Y002YInt => Cdk2Y000 + APCC X*kudYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCdk2Y000YCdk2Y002YInt kudYAPCCYYCyclinA = 4.999555
Cdk2Y102 + APCC => APCCYCdk2Y100YCdk2Y102YInt X*kbYAPCCYYCyclinA*Cdk2Y102*APCC kbYAPCCYYCyclinA = 1.61E-5
APCCYCdk2Y100YCdk2Y102YInt => Cdk2Y102 + APCC X*kuYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCdk2Y100YCdk2Y102YInt kuYAPCCYYCyclinA = 0.1
Cdk2Y012 + APCC => APCCYCdk2Y010YCdk2Y012YInt; Cdk2Y102 X*kbYAPCCYYCyclinA*Cdk2Y102*APCC kbYAPCCYYCyclinA = 1.61E-5
APCCYCdk2Y010YCdk2Y012YInt => Cdk2Y010 + APCC X*kudYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCdk2Y010YCdk2Y012YInt kudYAPCCYYCyclinA = 4.999555
APCCYCdk2Y110YCdk2Y112YInt => Cdk2Y112 + APCC X*kuYAPCCYYCyclinA*APCCYCdk2Y110YCdk2Y112YInt kuYAPCCYYCyclinA = 0.1
Cdk1Y01 + APCC => APCCYCdk1Y00YCdk1Y01YInt X*kbYAPCCYYCyclinA*Cdk1Y01*APCC kbYAPCCYYCyclinA = 1.61E-5
Cdk2Y011YpRbY10YpRbY20YInt => pRbY10 + Cdk2Y011 X*kuYE2YYpRb*Cdk2Y011YpRbY10YpRbY20YInt kuYE2YYpRb = 0.1
Cdk2Y011YpRbY10YpRbY20YInt => pRbY20 + Cdk2Y011 X*kupYE2YYpRb*Cdk2Y011YpRbY10YpRbY20YInt kupYE2YYpRb = 4.78271
Cdk2Y011YpRbY11YpRbY21YInt => pRbY11 + Cdk2Y011 X*kuYE2YYpRb*Cdk2Y011YpRbY11YpRbY21YInt kuYE2YYpRb = 0.1
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(added: 17 Apr 2007, 21:40:08, updated: 17 Apr 2007, 21:40:08)
Supplementary Figure2A has been reproduced by the MathSBML and CellDesigner.