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The model reproduces Fig 6 of the paper. The stoichiometry and rate of reactions involving uptake of metabolites from extracellular medium have been changed corresponding to Yvol (ratio of extracellular volume to cytosolic volume) mentioned in the publication. The extracellular and cytosolic compartments have been set to 1. Concentration of extracellular glucose, GlcX, is set to 6.7 according to the equation for cellular glucose uptake rate in Table 7 of the paper. The model was successfully tested on MathSBML and Jarnac




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Related Publication
  • Full-scale model of glycolysis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
  • Hynne F, Danø S, Sørensen PG
  • Biophysical chemistry , 12/ 2001 , Volume 94 , pages: 121-163 , PubMed ID: 11744196
  • Department of Chemistry and CATS, H.C. Ørsted Institute, University of Copenhagen, Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark. fh@kiku.dk
  • We present a powerful, general method of fitting a model of a biochemical pathway to experimental substrate concentrations and dynamical properties measured at a stationary state, when the mechanism is largely known but kinetic parameters are lacking. Rate constants and maximum velocities are calculated from the experimental data by simple algebra without integration of kinetic equations. Using this direct approach, we fit a comprehensive model of glycolysis and glycolytic oscillations in intact yeast cells to data measured on a suspension of living cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae near a Hopf bifurcation, and to a large set of stationary concentrations and other data estimated from comparable batch experiments. The resulting model agrees with almost all experimentally known stationary concentrations and metabolic fluxes, with the frequency of oscillation and with the majority of other experimentally known kinetic and dynamical variables. The functional forms of the rate equations have not been optimized.
Submitter of the first revision: Nicolas Le Novère
Submitter of this revision: Nicolas Le Novère
Modellers: Nicolas Le Novère

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PubMed 11744196
Gene Ontology glycolytic process
Reactome Glycolysis

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  • Model originally submitted by : Nicolas Le Novère
  • Submitted: Jul 20, 2006 11:42:28 PM
  • Last Modified: Jun 3, 2013 3:20:37 PM
  • Version: 2 public model Download this version
    • Submitted on: Jun 3, 2013 3:20:37 PM
    • Submitted by: Nicolas Le Novère
    • With comment: Current version of Hynne2001_Glycolysis
  • Version: 1 public model Download this version
    • Submitted on: Jul 20, 2006 11:42:28 PM
    • Submitted by: Nicolas Le Novère
    • With comment: Original import of hynne

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: Variable used inside SBML models

Species Initial Concentration/Amount

NAD(+) ; NAD+
0.65 mmol

Phosphoenolpyruvate ; phosphoenolpyruvate ; phosphoenolpyruvate
0.04 mmol

glucose ; C00293
24.0 mmol

cyanide ; Cyanide ion
5.20358 mmol

1.5 mmol

0.33 mmol

acetaldehyde ; Acetaldehyde
1.48153 mmol

ethanol ; C000469
16.4514 mmol
P 0.0 mmol
Reactions Rate Parameters
GAP + NAD => NADH + BPG cytosol*(V8f*GAP*NAD/K8GAP/K8NAD/((1+GAP/K8GAP+BPG/K8BPG)*(1+NAD/K8NAD+NADH/K8NADH))-V8r*BPG*NADH/K8eq/K8GAP/K8NAD/((1+GAP/K8GAP+BPG/K8BPG)*(1+NAD/K8NAD+NADH/K8NADH))) K8NADH=0.06 milliMolar; K8GAP=0.6 milliMolar; V8r=833.858 mM per minute; K8NAD=0.1 milliMolar; V8f=833.858 mM per minute; K8eq=0.0055 dimensionless; K8BPG=0.01 milliMolar
ADP + PEP => Pyr + ATP cytosol*V10m*ADP*PEP/((K10PEP+PEP)*(K10ADP+ADP)) K10PEP=0.2 milliMolar; V10m=343.096 mM per minute; K10ADP=0.17 milliMolar
GlcX0 => GlcX extracellular*k0*(GlcX0-GlcX) k0=0.048 minute inverse
CNX + ACAX => P extracellular*k20*ACAX*CNX k20=0.00283828 mM inverse min inverse
ATP + Glc => G6P + ADP cytosol*V3m*ATP*Glc/(K3DGlc*K3ATP+K3Glc*ATP+K3ATP*Glc+Glc*ATP) K3DGlc=0.37 milliMolar; K3Glc=0.0 milliMolar; V3m=51.7547 mM per minute; K3ATP=0.1 milliMolar
DHAP + NADH => Glyc + NAD cytosol*V15m*DHAP/(K15DHAP*(1+K15INADH/NADH*(1+NAD/K15INAD))+DHAP*(1+K15NADH/NADH*(1+NAD/K15INAD))) K15NADH=0.13 milliMolar; K15INADH=0.034 milliMolar; V15m=81.4797 mM per minute; K15DHAP=25.0 milliMolar; K15INAD=0.13 milliMolar
Pyr => ACA cytosol*V11m*Pyr/(K11+Pyr) V11m=53.1328 mM per minute; K11=0.3 milliMolar
EtOH => EtOHX k13/Yvol*(cytosol*EtOH-extracellular*EtOHX) Yvol=59.0 dimensionless; k13=16.72 minute inverse
BPG + ADP => PEP + ATP cytosol*(k9f*BPG*ADP-k9r*PEP*ATP) k9r=1528.62 mM inverse min inverse; k9f=443866.0 mM inverse min inverse
EtOHX => P extracellular*k0*EtOHX k0=0.048 minute inverse
Curator's comment:
(added: 21 Mar 2013, 14:36:10, updated: 21 Mar 2013, 14:36:10)
Figure 6 of the reference publication is reproduced using Copasi v4.8 (Build 35).