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November, 2017 preview image of the November 2017 Model of the Month

Bistability of a dynamic heterogenous T cell population may regulate the response to Helicobacter Pylorus infection. In this model, Leber et al (2016) use multiple levels of mechanistic modelling, gene expression data and mathematical analysis to explore the dynamic interplay between two mutually inhibitory T cell subsets.

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21 August 2017 Patient-derived genome-scale metabolic models

BioModels now hosts 6753 models derived from biological samples collected from patients.

26 June 2017 31st release of BioModels

We are extremely happy to announce the 31st release of BioModels. The resource now provides 1640 literature-based models and 143,070 models automatically generated from pathway resources. For more information, please refer to the release notes.

16 January 2017 Metabolic network and logical models

Archives of metabolic network and logical models are available for download.