P-GSE27298-4 - P-GSE27298-4

hybridization protocol
Labeled cRNA was was prepared for fragmentation adding 11 μl 10× Blocking Agent and 2.2 μl of 25× Fragmentation Buffer, heated at 60°C for 30 min, and finally diluted by addition with 55 μl 2× GE Hybridization buffer. A volume of 100 µl of hybridization solution was then dispensed in the gasket slide and assembled to the microarray slide (each slide containing four arrays). Slides were incubated for 17 h at 65°C in a Agilent Hybridization Oven, subsequently removed from the hybridization chamber, quickly submerged in GE Wash Buffer 1 to disassembly the slides and then washed in GE Wash Buffer 1 for approximately 1 minute followed by one additional wash in pre-warmed (37°C) GE Wash Buffer 2.
Experiment E-GEOD-27298