P-GSE22633-3 - P-GSE22633-3

labelling protocol
Biotin-labeled cRNA samples for hybridization were prepared according to Illumina’s recommended sample labeling procedure: 500 ng of total RNA was used for cDNA synthesis, followed by an amplification/labeling step (in vitro transcription) to synthesize biotin-labeled cRNA using the Illumina® TotalPrep RNA Amplification kit (Ambion Inc., Austin, TX). cRNA concentrations using RiboGreen were measured (Quant-iTTM RiboGreen® RNA assay kit; Invitrogen-Molecular Probes, ON, Canada) by the Victor3 spectrophotometer (PerkinElmer, CT) and cRNA quality was checked on a 1% agarose gel.
Experiment E-GEOD-22633