P-CAGE-25482 - P-CAGE-25482

Sterile seeds were vernalized for 3 days at 4ºC, and grown in vertically oriented square Petri dishes (120 mm x 120 mm), containing 1x Murashige-Skoog (MS) pH 6.0; 1.5% sucrose (w/v); 1.5% w/v agar medium. 6-day-old seedlings grown on MS were transferred to fresh plates and grown for 3- or 5-additional days in the absence or in the presence of oxylipin 9-HOT (25 micromolar). Oxylipin was added to molten medium (50ºC) and then poured into plates. Freshly prepared plates were always used to avoid oxylipin breakdown or instability. Chamber growth conditions were 16 hours light, 8 hours dark, 22ºC, 70% relative humidity, and 250uE fluorescent illumination.
day humidity, day temperature, light hours, light intensity, light source, media, night humidity, night temperature
Experiment E-ATMX-14