P-GSE48279-5 - P-GSE48279-5

hybridization protocol
1.65ug of Cy3-labeled cRNA (specific activity >9.0 pmol Cy3/ug cRNA) was incubated at 60°C for exactly 30 minutes to fragment RNA in a reaction volume of 55ul containing 25x Agilent Fragmentation Buffer and 10x Agilent Blocking Agent following the manufacturers instructions. On completion of the fragmentation reaction, 55ul of 2x GExHybridization Buffer was added to the fragmentation mixture and hybridized onto the Whole Rat Genome Oligo Microarray (4x44K, Agilent Technologies) for 17 hours at 65°C in an Agilent hybridization oven rotator. After hybridization, microarrays were washed 1 minute at room temperature with GE Wash Buffer 1 (Agilent) and 1 minute with 37°C GE Wash buffer 2 (Agilent), then slowly remove the slide rack minimizing droplets on the slides.
Experiment E-GEOD-48279