P-GSE39566-3 - P-GSE39566-3

nucleic acid library construction protocol
ChIP was performed as described earlier(Arimbasseri A.G and Bhargava P, Mol. Cell. Biol. April 2008 vol. 28 no. 8 2598-2607). Libraries for ChIP sequencing were constructed according to the Illumina ChIP Seq library protocol. Briefly, DNA was subjected to a series of enzymatic reactions that repair frayed ends, phosphorylate the fragments, add a single nucleotide A overhang and ligate adaptors (Illumina ChIP Seq Library preparation kit. lot# 6961486 ). The libraries were enriched using PCR, cleaned using Agencourt Ampure XP beads (Beckman Coulter) and size selected using a 2 % Low melting agarose gel. The prepared libraries were quantified using Nanodrop Spectrophotometer and validated for quality by running an aliquot on High Sensitivity Bioanalyzer Chip (Agilent).
Experiment E-GEOD-39566