P-GSE41187-8 - P-GSE41187-8

normalization data transformation protocol
Sequence reads were aligned to the published E. coli K-12 MG1655 genome (U00096.2) using the software packages SOAP (Li et al, 2009) and ELAND (within the Illumina Genome Analyzer Pipeline Software), allowing at most two mismatches. Sequence reads with sequences that did not align to the genome, aligned to multiple locations on the genome, or contained more than two mismatches were discarded from further analysis (<10% of reads) (Supplemental Files). For visualization the raw tag density at each position was calculated using QuEST (Valouev et al, 2008) and normalized as tag density per million uniquely mapped reads. Genome Build: INPUT_ChIP-seq_Aerobic_WIG.wig: U00096.2
Experiment E-GEOD-41187