P-GSE28547-1 - P-GSE28547-1

normalization data transformation protocol
Data files from miRNA and mRNA (previously submitted to GEO as GSE11440) microarrays were analyzed with GeneSpring GX11.5 software (Agilent Technologies) to find differentially expressed miRNAs and their cellular target genes in the resistant cell lines compared to their sensitive counterparts. Triplicate samples for each condition, sensitive and resistant, for both miRNA and mRNA, were imported into one single experiment. Average values of the replicate spots of each miRNA were background subtracted, and normalized against the median of the control samples. Gene and miRNA expression was calculated as the ratio of the values obtained in the resistant condition relative to the control, after normalization of the data using Volcano plot filtering. T-test unpaired was used for statistical analyses. ID_REF = VALUE = gTotalGeneSignal from GeneView file
Experiment E-GEOD-28547