P-MTAB-33182 - P-MTAB-33182

Five varieties of potato plants (Biogold, Fontane, Innovator, Lady Rosetta and Maris Piper) were grown in Wageningen, the Netherlands (NL) and harvested in 2010. One genotype of potato (Sante) was grown in the United Kingdom (UK) as part of the QLIF study (van Dijk, 2012, J. Agric. Food Chem.: 60, 2090-2101, E-MTAB-605) and harvested in 2005. Each of the NL cultivars was farmed in two lots of different fields; one lot was raised in clay and the other one in sand, having two individual plots per cultivar, and in each plot, four individual plants. The exception was Maris Piper, which in both fields was grown in one single plot containing three individual plants. All varieties were grown under conventional farming conditions. The only exception was Sante_OrgCropProtection_ConvFertilizer_rep3, which was grown under conventional fertilizer and organic crop protection, renamed in in the present study as Sante_UK_2005_OCP_CF_rep3.
Experiment E-MTAB-1707