P-GSE37184-4 - P-GSE37184-4

normalization data transformation protocol
ChIP-seq: Cluster generation and sequencing-by-synthesis (36 bp) was performed using the Illumina Genome Analyzer IIx (GAIIx) platform according to standard protocols of the manufacturer (Illumina). The image files generated by the Genome Analyzer were processed to extract DNA sequence data. Sequences were aligned to the mouse (mm9) reference genome using the Illumina Analysis Pipeline, allowing one mismatch. Only the tags uniquely aligning to the genome were considered for further analysis. Duplicated reads were discarded to obtain a non-redundant set. Further analysis was performed using the 36 bp sequence reads. The output data were converted to Browser Extensible Data (BED) files for downstream analysis and Wiggle (WIG) files for viewing the data in the UCSC Genome Browser. All sequence analyses were conducted based on the Mus musculus mm9 genome assembly. Genome_build: mm9
Experiment E-GEOD-37184