P-MTAB-33095 - P-MTAB-33095

growth protocol
The fragment containing coding sequence for human C-terminal part of beta-catenin (AA 696-781), followed by mouse Lef1 coding sequence, and HA-tag was liberated from pCMV-catCLEF1 vector. This fragment was inserted into pACP3 vector containing the alphaA-crystallin promoter, the SV40 small T antigen intron and polyadenylation sequence. The linearized transgenic insert was injected into the male pronuclei of fertilized FVB/N oocyte by Genetic Engineering Facility of National Eye Institute. alphaA-CLEF transgenic mice were further maintained on a C57Bl/6 background. For all experiments heterozygotes alphaA-CLEF mice (embryos) were used. Animals were kept in animal house facility of Institute of Molecular Genetics, CAS.
Experiment E-MTAB-1691