P-MTAB-28463 - P-MTAB-28463

nucleic acid library construction protocol
5' and 3' RACE reactions were performed in 12.5 ul volume independently with brain and testis polyA+ RNA with the SMART RACE amplification kit (Clontech) using manufacturer's instructions. 7.5ul of each of the 400 lncRNA targets were pooled respecting tissues and directionality of the RACE reaction (5' and 3' RACE) and purified with the QIAquick kit (Quiagene) as described for RT-PCR-seq experiments (Howald et al. 2012). A set of 25 control reactions targeting full-length annotated transcripts were RACEd in parallel as positive controls. 1.5ul of these controls were pooled with the other reactions prior to library preparation.
Experiment E-MTAB-1222