P-GSE46145-2 - P-GSE46145-2

growth protocol
Bioreactors containing 200 mL of the previously described synthetic must were inoculated to an initial OD600 of 0.2. Cultures were grown in batch mode during about 12 h prior to triggering the continuous cultures. According to the data obtained from batch characterization, dilution rate was set to 0.23 h-1 for competitions mimicking Phase I and to 0.04 h-1 for those mimicking Phase II. Competition experiments using the heterozygous collection were run for 20 generations (corresponding to 60 h for Phase I or 347 h for Phase II) while those performed with the homozygous collection were run for 10 generations (30 h for Phase I or 174 h for Phase II). Yeast cell samples were taken at the onset of the continuous cultures, and after the indicated numbers of generations, in order to compare pool compositions at the beginning and the end of the competition experiments. Additional triplicate competition experiments, using YPD broth (D=0.23 h-1), were performed in order to differentiate deletions unspecifically affecting yeast growth from those specific for Phase I or Phase II fermentation conditions.
Experiment E-GEOD-46145