P-GSE36598-10 - P-GSE36598-10

ChIP-seq reads were aligned to the HG19 genome. The sequencing data from matching input samples are used for the processing of ChIP data, as a measure of background signal which might be significant. After normalizing the input data to match the number of tags in the ChIP data, the number of input tags is subtracted from the number of ChIP tags in the target window before calculating its z-score. In addition, ChIP hotspots were refined into 150 bp peaks using a peak-finding procedure. For each hotspot, a new z-score ‘peak z’ was computed similarly as for hotspot detection, but instead using a 150 bp window within the hotspot and the hotspot as the target window and local background window, respectively. The peak z score was computed scanning through the hotspot with bp resolution for all possible 150 bp windows. A putative peak is defined as a 150 bp window whose peak z score is above 30. Genome_build: HG19 Supplementary_files_format_and_content: bedgraph files are generated based on z score
Experiment E-GEOD-36598