P-GSE44826-3 - P-GSE44826-3

We use software developed by BGI for data processing. The reference genome used for read alignment is available on rat genome database. Rat Genome V3.4 Assembly.(
). The data is processed by the following steps:1) Getting rid of low quality reads.2) Getting rid of reads with 5' primer contaminants.3) Getting rid of reads without 3' primer.4) Getting rid of reads without the insert tag.5) Getting rid of reads with poly A.6) Getting rid of reads shorter than 18nt. Normalized expression of micorRNA were calculated by the following program designed by BGI and parameters: blastall -p blastn -F F -e 0.01. Genome build: Rat Genome Database, RGD_v3.4 Supplementary_files_format_and_content: miR_count.txt reports abundance measurements. Supplementary_files_format_and_content: C4A_TB.txt reports differential expression measurements.
Experiment E-GEOD-44826