P-GSE43667-1 - P-GSE43667-1

The uteri were removed and each uterine horn was subsequently opened longitudinally at the anti-mesometrial side. Hyperemic zones, the sites of embryonic attachment, were visual in the endometrium on the mesometrial side. In pregnant sows, samples of the endometrium (containing the lamina epithelialis, lamina propria and tela submucosa, but not tunica muscularis) were taken from hyperemic zones (see Supplemental Figure 1 for examples of hyperemic zones). Samples were taken from three locations of each uterine horn, proximal (the end, close to the ovaries), medial, and distal (next to the corpus uteri). Samples from the endometrium of the non-pregnant sows were taken from comparable locations. Tissue samples for isolation of RNA were immediately transferred to RNAlater™ (Ambion, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK), incubated overnight at 4°C and stored at -80°C until further use.
Experiment E-GEOD-43667