P-GSE42018-6 - P-GSE42018-6

Samples were hybridized using the Affymetrix Hybridization Cocktail recipe consisting of components (BSA 50mg/ml from Invitrogen and Herring Sperm DNA from Promega) and lab prepared 2X Hybridization Buffer • Pre-hybridize arrays at 450C for 10 minutes with 1X Hybridization Buffer Heat cocktails at 99° for 5 minutes, then 45° for 5 minutes and centrifuge at max speed for ~3 minute (N.B. this deviates from Affy SOP)• Transfer 200 μl of hybridization solution to each array, then cover holes with Tough Spots • Hybridize ~16 hours at 45°C at 60rpm• Fluidics wash protocol used was EukGE-WS2v5.
Experiment E-GEOD-42018