P-MTAB-28451 - P-MTAB-28451

20µg of fragmented cRNA was hybridized to the Affymetrix HG_U133plus probe array cartridge in 200µl hybridization by incubation for 16hours at 45°C at constant rotation. The hybridized arrays were then washed and stained with Streptavidine Phycoerythrin and biotinylated anti-streptavidine antibody using and Affymetrix Fluidics station 450 following standard procedures.

(Parameters: Chamber type = Affymetrix- GeneChip Hyb Oven 640, Quantity of label target used = 20, Mass unit = Micro gram, time = 16, Tiny time unit = hours, Volume = 200, Volume unit = Micro litre, temperature = 45)
Experiment E-MEXP-3737