P-CAGE-24517 - P-CAGE-24517

For two-weeks, on an agar-solidified MGRL medium containing 1.5 mM (control) or 30 uM (sulfur-deficient) sulfate as MgSO4 in a growth chamber controlled at 22 C and 16 h light cycles). After two weeks growth, transfer the plants to rockwool bricks (Nittobo, Tokyo, Japan) in a greenhouse controlled at 22 C. - Day cycle (sunlight and 16 h of lamps per day) - Irrigated twice a week with a liquid medium, keeping the ratio of nutrition at 1.5 mM sulfate/ 7 mM nitrate (control) or 30 uM sulfate/ 7 mM nitrate (sulfur-deficient) in the plant pods.
day humidity, day temperature, light hours, light intensity, light source, media, night humidity, night temperature
Experiment E-ATMX-1