P-GSE10004-6 - P-GSE10004-6

The labeled simulated "ChIP DNA" was precipitated with 0.1 volume 5M NaCl and 1 volume isopropanol, and hybridized in 45 ul of buffer containing 20% formamide, 1.2 M betaine, 0.1 ug/ul herring sperm DNA and 10 ug of human COT1 DNA (Invitrogen). Arrays were hybridized in Maui hybridization stations for 16-18h at 42C, and then washed in 42C 0.2% SDS/0.2x SSC, room temperature 0.2x SSC, and 0.05x SSC. Hybridization buffers and washes were completed using manufacturer's protocols (
Experiment E-GEOD-10004