P-MTAB-25828 - P-MTAB-25828

Pregnant CD1 mice were sacrificed by cervical dislocation, the pups by decapitation. Tooth germs were isolated from mouse embryos and pups at 24hr intervals starting at 11.5 days post coitum (E11.5) ending at 7 days 2 days postnatal (P6). The day of vaginal plug was set to 0.5dpc. Embryos were staged according to the Theiler criteria5. First, right hand side, mandibular molar tooth germs were micro-dissected from ten phenotypical embryos/pups at the various developmental stages. Most of the tooth follicle remained with the tooth germ. Embryos and pup heads were immediately after removal immersed in RNAlater diluted 1:1 with PBS (Ambion Inc., TX, USA). Subsequent dissection of tooth germs was also carried out with heads immersed in diluted RNAlater. The dissected first right mandibular molar germs was immediately transferred into undiluted RNAlaterâ„¢.
Experiment E-MEXP-3581