P-GSE20296-2 - P-GSE20296-2

Reproductively mature female brown trout (Salmo trutta) from a cultured stock at the Piscifactoria de Bagà (Generalitat de Catalunya, Bagà, Spain) were kept under natural conditions of temperature and photoperiod. After dissection, brown trout preovulatory ovaries were placed in Hank´s balanced salt solution (HBSS) and individual ovarian follicles were manually separated with forceps from each ovary on ice. To collect ovarian tissue for RNA extraction, preovulatory follicles from each of a total of three females were incubated (400 follicles/50 ml) in HBSS-BSA in the absence or presence of rtTNFα (100 ng/ ml, dissolved directly in HBSS-BSA), at 15ºC for 24 h with gentle shaking (100 rpm). At the end of the incubation follicles (previously de-yolked by gentle pressure) were removed, flash frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80ºC until assayed.
Experiment E-GEOD-20296