cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:764:Protocol - cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:764:Protocol

Amplified RNA and random hexamers are brought to 25 ul and denatured for 5 min at 70 C. The reaction is then cooled to 42 C and an equal volume of RT reaction mix, 400 U SuperScript II, modified nucleotides, and 20 U RNasin is added. After appropriate incubation, the reaction is denatured, then neutralized, the buffer removed, and the cDNA dried. Dyes are coupled to the cDNA in the dark at room temperature (1 h). The reaction is then quenched.
All experiments using protocol cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:764:Protocol: (E-CBIL-13, E-CBIL-37, E-CBIL-5, E-CBIL-6, E-CBIL-7)