cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:22:Protocol - cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:22:Protocol

Tissue were immediately homogenized in 1 ml TRIzol Reagent (GIBCO). RNA was purified following manufacturer's protocols with the exception that 20 ug glycogen (Roche) was added to each sample. RNA pellets washed with 75% ethanol and resuspended in 300 ul TES (10 mmol/l Tris pH 7.5, 1 mmol/l EDTA, 0.1% SDS). RNA re-extracted with 600 ul phenol:choloroform:isoamyl alcohol (25:24:1) and precipitated with 1/10 volume 3 mol/l sodium acetate and 3 volumes ethanol.
All experiments using protocol cbil.upenn.edu:RAD.Protocol:22:Protocol: (E-CBIL-12, E-CBIL-13, E-CBIL-37, E-CBIL-6)