P-MEXP-1948 - P-MEXP-1948

Suppliers: MS salts: Sigma Sucrose: Merck MES: Sigma Plants were grown under long day conditions (16:8 day:night). Percival AR-66L growth cabinet. Light equipment: 8 tubes fluorescent Philips F32T8/TL741 universal 32 W + 4 tubes fluorescent Philips F17T8/TL741 universal 17 W + 4 bulbs incandescent 25 W frosted. Light intensity @ leaf surface 110 µE PAR. Plants were grown in round petri dishes of 8.5 cm diameter (Sarstedt), filled with 25 mL of Agar media. Approx. 250 seeds were distributed over one plate. Plates were closed with Leukopor tape (Beiersdorf, Hamburg).
media, min temperature
All experiments using protocol P-MEXP-1948: (E-CAGE-5, E-CAGE-8, E-CAGE-9)