P-TABM-314 - P-TABM-314

For Col 0 wildtype (NASC N1092), or mutants npr1-1 (NASC N3726) or sid2 (unavailable at NASC), seeds were grown on soil in 2.5 inch pots under 8h of 100uE/m/s warm light (get reference) after a 3 day vernalization treatment at 4C. The temperature and humidity were maintained between 20-23oC and 55-65% respectively. The plant trays were covered with a plastic lid until the cotyledons emerged, after which the lid was removed. The plants were watered from below 2x a week with fertilizer at 0.5ml/1.5 L (get reference). For coi1-1 mutants, the seeds were sterilized in a solution of 5% bleach and 0.2 ul/ml Triton x-100 for 5 min and rinsed thoroughly with sterilized water. The seeds were suspended in 0.15% agar and sown on the MS agar plates (1/2x Murashige and Skoog medium (micro and macro elements), 1-2 g/L sucrose). After a 3 day incubation at 4C, the Petri dishes were placed in the growth room under the same conditions as the plants. The plants were transferred to soil after 7days of growth and watered by the same method as other plants. All plants used in experiments were grown for 6 weeks under this short-day regime.
Experiment E-CAGE-189