P-TABM-317 - P-TABM-317

All scans were performed on a ScanArray 4000, either on site at UNIL or at the ISREC institution when the UNIL scanner was unavailable. Separate images were acquired for each dye channel at a resolution of 10 µm per pixel. The signals were focused using a row of spots within the middle of the array using both a spike set and normal spots. The same row of spots was used for the line scan in every case and the laser and PMT intensities were set to give the same peak ranges from one chip to another. The laser and PMT settings were set at 65-75% laser and 70-80% PMT for both channels. The quantification of the spot intensities was performed by the Imagene 4.2 (BioDiscovery, Inc) program. The grid spots were adjusted to the array spot by the program “find spots” algorithm for consistency. As the imagene files are generated as separate Cy3 and Cy5 files, an Excel macro was used to combine the 2 files into a single file and change the order to column-row to be MIAME compliant.
Experiment E-CAGE-189