P-CAGE-26460 - P-CAGE-26460

Conditions for the hydroponic culture were adapted from Schlesier et al. (2003) with slight modifications. Approximately 50-100 wild type Arabidopsis thaliana seeds (ecotype Columbia) were surface-sterilized in 70% ethanol for 2 min followed by 15 min incubation in 5% bleach/0.1% Tween 20, inverting 5 times every 5 minutes. Seeds were then washed five times with sterilized water, and were carefully dispensed on a stainless steel wire mesh platform (mesh size 1 mm; 4 cm x 4 cmm x 2 cm) layered previously with 1% sterilized agarose in a round plastic vessel (diameter 68 mm, height 76 mm) containing approximately 60 ml liquid media (¼-strength Murashige & Skoog medium without vitamins, ¼-strength Gamborg B5 vitamins solution, 2mM MES, 0.5% [w/v] sucrose, pH 5.8). Arabidopsis plants were grown under 16/8 hr light/dark period with light intensity 100-125 umolm-2s-1 at 20oC over three weeks. Liquid medium was regularly replaced with freshly made liquid medium every seven days.
day humidity, day temperature, light hours, light intensity, light source, media, night humidity, night temperature
Experiment E-ATMX-31