P-GSE54774-2 -

sample treatment protocol
Thorough out the experiment all mice were weighed weekly and dosing adjusted accordingly for each mouse. A cohort of eighty 6 to 8 week-old male C57BL6 mice were received from Harlan Laboratories. The cohort represented a 12 week experimental time point. Cohort was further divided into 4 exenatide (EXE) treatment groups (0, 3, 10, or 30 ug/kg) of 20 mice each. Initially, all mice were placed on HFD for six weeks without additional treatment and were then maintained on HFD for an additional 12 weeks while receiving daily subcutaneous injections of saline or EXE (Creative Peptides, Shirley, NY; 3, 10, or 30 ug/kg). At 12 week timepoint, twenty-four hours following their final dose, the mice from the treatment cohort were anesthetized with isoflurane and euthanized by exsanguination with collection of blood for serum harvest. The pancreas from 12 mice in each cohort was preserved in 10% formalin for histology processing. The pancreas from 5 mice in each cohort was placed in RNAlater (Life Technologies, Grand Island, NY) for subsequent RNA extraction and the pancreas from 3 mice in each cohort was immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen and then stored at -80 degreeC.
Experiment E-GEOD-54774