Update/modify an experiment or array design which has been loaded into ArrayExpress

Once we have finished curating and processing your submission, we will load the experiment or array design into ArrayExpress database. Occasionally, the loaded record needs to be modified or updated, perhaps because a submission error needs to be fixed, or you need to add/remove samples or files in response to comments from peer reviewers of your pre-published paper.

Microarray experiment or array design submissions

Please email us at annotare@ebi.ac.uk with the accession number and describe what corrections are needed. A curator will unload your data from the database, and may be able to do minor corrections such as fixing a few typing errors, before re-loading the corrected version back into the database. Data sets which undergo major changes, such as addition/removal of samples/assays/data files in an experiment, would most likely require re-curation before they are fit for loading into ArrayExpress again, and hence could take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Sequencing experiment submissions

Special rules apply, because the storage of meta-data and raw data files is split between ArrayExpress and ENA respectively. Release date changes are possible as long as the experiment remains private. Citation/publication update is possible at any time. Modification/addition of metadata and/or data files for a private experiment is possible, but often lengthy and tedious. It is therefore important that you get the submission right before you submit.

Private experiments: If your experiment is still private and an update is required, please email us at annotare@ebi.ac.uk quoting the experiment accession and explaining what changes are needed. We will advise the next step accordingly. Depending on your needs, we may append the ENA records with your new data (e.g. addition/removal of samples, sequencing libraries and associated data files), or, in more complicated cases, we may cancel the previously brokered record at ENA and broker your experiment as a brand new submission to ENA (which will generate a new ENA Study accession). In either case, we will keep the same ArrayExpress accession for your data set, and we'll make sure the ArrayExpress record link to the correct ENA submission. Please allow up to 15 working days for the update.

Public experiments: It is ENA's policy not to make a public experiment private again or cancel it unless there is an exceptional reason. (See ENA's Data availability policy for further information.) Modifying the meta-data and/or data files of a public experiment is very tedious, because they would have been mirrored among other INSDC partners already (namely, GenBank and DDBJ). Please contact ENA directly to sort out the existing record at ENA which contains deprecated/incorrect information. If you would like to keep the ArrayExpress and ENA synchronised, please also inform us of any changes which have been agreed and actioned by the ENA, so we can advise further on how to update the ArrayExpress record.