Experiment types in ArrayExpress

These are the different experiment types that are currently reposited in ArrayExpress.

Experiment TypeDefinition (EFO term accession)Example
4C EFO_0007690 E-MTAB-2180
antigen profiling EFO_0000747 E-MTAB-3606
ATAC-seq EFO_0007045 E-MTAB-3972
Bisulfite-seq EFO_0003753 E-MTAB-1042
Capture-C EFO_0007691 E-MTAB-4845
ChIP-chip by array EFO_0002760 E-MTAB-2804
ChIP-chip by SNP array EFO_0002764 E-GEOD-22306
ChIP-chip by tiling array EFO_0002762 E-MTAB-1402
ChIP-seq EFO_0002692 E-MTAB-3631
CLIP-seq EFO_0003143 E-MTAB-1371
comparative genomic hybridization by array EFO_0000749 E-MTAB-2293
DNA-seq EFO_0002693 E-MTAB-3109
FAIRE-seqEFO_0004428 E-MTAB-3199
genotyping by arrayEFO_0002767 E-MTAB-3729
genotyping by high throughput sequencing EFO_0002771 E-MTAB-1794
GRO-seq EFO_0005227 E-MTAB-3626
Hi-C EFO_0007693 E-MTAB-2414
MeDIP-seq EFO_0003749 E-MTAB-3051
metabolomic profiling EFO_0000752 E-TABM-290
methylation profiling by array EFO_0002759 E-MTAB-3709
methylation profiling by high throughput sequencing EFO_0002761 E-MTAB-3181
microRNA profiling by array EFO_0000753 E-MTAB-3303
microRNA profiling by high throughput sequencing EFO_0002896 E-MTAB-3251
MNase-seq EFO_0003751 E-MTAB-2671
proteomic profiling by array EFO_0002765 E-MTAB-1245
proteomic profiling by mass spectrometer EFO_0002766 E-MTAB-869
RIP-chip by array EFO_0005517 E-MTAB-3881
Ribo-seq EFO_0008891 E-MTAB-8039
RIP-seq EFO_0005310 E-MTAB-3195
RNA-seq of coding RNA EFO_0003738 E-MTAB-1147
RNA-seq of coding RNA from single cells EFO_0005684 E-MTAB-2805
RNA-seq of non coding RNA EFO_0003737 E-MTAB-2206
RNA-seq of non coding RNA from single cells EFO_0005685
RNA-seq of total RNA EFO_0009653 E-MTAB-8118
tiling path by array EFO_0001031 E-MTAB-3506
transcription profiling by array EFO_0002768 E-MTAB-2133
transcription profiling by MPSS EFO_0002942 E-GEOD-50020
transcription profiling by RT-PCR EFO_0002943 E-MTAB-3152
transcription profiling by SAGE EFO_0002941 E-GEOD-30069
transcription profiling by tiling array EFO_0002769 E-MTAB-2241
translation profiling EFO_0001033 E-MTAB-3583
whole chromosome random sequencing EFO_0004160 E-MTAB-2888