E-TABM-402 - Chromatin immunoprecipitation of TCF4 in human LS174AT cells using Nimblegen human genome-wide chips

Submitted on 20 December 2007, released on 13 February 2008, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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genome-wide ChIP-on-chip against TCF4 in LS174T cells, performed on NimbleGen Systems, Inc. human genome-wide 38-chip, hg17 array set followed by verification using biological replicates on a dedicated design.
Experiment types
ChIP-chip by array, binding site identification
Genome-wide pattern of TCF7L2/TCF4 chromatin occupancy in colorectal cancer cells. Hatzis P, van der Flier LG, van Driel MA, Guryev V, Nielsen F, Denissov S, Nijman IJ, Koster J, Santo EE, Welboren W, Versteeg R, Cuppen E, van de Wetering M, Clevers H, Stunnenberg HG. :2732-2744 (2008), PMID:18268006
Genome-wide pattern of TCF7L2/TCF4 chromatin occupancy in colorectal cancer cells. Hatzis, Pantelis; van der Flier, Laurens G.; van Driel, Marc A.; Guryev, Victor; Nielsen, Fiona; Denissov, Sergei; Nijman, Isaac J.; Koster, Jan; Santo, Evan E.; Welboren, Willem; Versteeg, Rogier; Cuppen, Edwin; van de Wetering, Marc; Clevers, Hans; Stunnenberg, Hendrik G. , PMID:18268006
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