E-TABM-140 - Chromatin immunoprecipitation of human erythroleukemia cell line K-562 with H3K4me2, H3K4me3, H3ac, H4ac, Histone H2B and Histone H3 antibodies using an ENCODE array

Submitted on 18 August 2006, released on 1 September 2006, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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ENCODE ChIP-chip study using human myelogenous leukemia cell line K-562 and anti histone H3K4me2 (Abcam; ab7766); H3K4me3 (Abcam; ab8580); H3ac (Upstate; 06-599); H4ac (Upstate; 06-866); Histone H2B (Abcam: ab1790) and Histone H3 (Abcam: ab1791) antibodies. Each antibody experiment was conducted in three biological replicates, with two technical replicates performed for each biological replicate
Experiment types
ChIP-chip by array, binding site identification
The landscape of histone modifications across 1% of the human genome in five human cell lines. Koch, Christoph M.; Andrews, Robert M.; Flicek, Paul; Dillon, Shane C.; Karaoz, Ulas; Clelland, Gayle K.; Wilcox, Sarah; Beare, David M.; Fowler, Joanna C.; Couttet, Phillippe; James, Keith D.; Lefebvre, Gregory C.; Bruce, Alexander W.; Dovey, Oliver M.; Ellis, Peter D.; Dhami, Pawandeep; Langford, Cordelia F.; Weng, Zhiping; Birney, Ewan; Carter, Nigel P.; Vetrie, David; Dunham, Ian. Genome Res 17(6):691 (2007), PMID:17567990
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