E-TABM-1088 - Transcription profiling by array of human myeloma cell lines

Released on 23 December 2010, last updated on 2 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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30 human myeloma cell lines
Experiment types
transcription profiling by array, cell type comparison, co-expression, in vitro
Cell Death via DR5, but not DR4, Is Regulated by p53 in Myeloma Cells. Sylvanie Surget,David Chiron,Patricia Gomez-Bougie,Géraldine Descamps,Emmanuelle Ménoret,Régis Bataille,Philippe Moreau,Steven Le Gouill,Martine Amiot,Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck. Cancer Res 
Identification of pluripotent and adult stem cell genes unrelated to cell cycle and associated with poor prognosis in multiple myeloma. Kassambara A, Hose D, Moreaux J, Rème T, Torrent J, Rossi JF, Goldschmidt H, Klein B. :e42161 (2012), PMID:22860071
A high-risk signature for patients with multiple myeloma established from the molecular classification of human myeloma cell lines. Moreaux J, Klein B, Bataille R, Descamps G, Maïga S, Hose D, Goldschmidt H, Jauch A, Rème T, Jourdan M, Amiot M, Pellat-Deceunynck C. :574-582 (2011), PMID:21173094
ABT-737 is highly effective against molecular subgroups of multiple myeloma. Bodet L, Gomez-Bougie P, Touzeau C, Dousset C, Descamps G, Maïga S, Avet-Loiseau H, Bataille R, Moreau P, Le Gouill S, Pellat-Deceunynck C, Amiot M. Blood 118(14):3901 (2011), PMID:21835956
Gene expression-based prediction of myeloma cell sensitivity to histone deacetylase inhibitors. Moreaux J, Reme T, Leonard W, Veyrune JL, Requirand G, Goldschmidt H, Hose D, Klein B. :676-685 (2013), PMID:23868005
Development of Gene Expression-Based Score to Predict Sensitivity of Multiple Myeloma Cells to DNA Methylation Inhibitors. Jerome Moreaux; Thierry Reme; Wim Leonard; Jean-Luc Veyrune; Guilhem Requirand; Hartmut Goldschmidt; Dirk Hose; Bernard Klein. Mol Cancer Ther 11(12):2685 (2012), PMID:23087257
Preclinical efficacy of sepantronium bromide (YM155) in multiple myeloma is conferred by down regulation of Mcl-1. Wagner V, Hose D, Seckinger A, Weiz L, Meißner T, Rème T, Breitkreutz I, Podar K, Ho AD, Goldschmidt H, Krämer A, Klein B, Raab MS. :10237-10250 (2014)
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